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From The Desk Of: Terry Asher - Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist
Tuesday, 10:39 am

Dear Friend,

If you're ready to finally start burning off pounds of fat without endless hours of cardio, bulky machines, dangerous and bogus supplements, or even going to a gym... Then this is the most important letter you'll ever read in your entire life.

After you put these strategies to work for you, you'll finally be able to...

Get that flat, and firm stomach you've been dreaming of.
Wear the clothes you want... without worrying about looking fat!
Be confident wearing your swimsuit at the pool or beach
Stop worrying about "rolls of flab" hanging over your belt.
Look and feel sexier than ever!

Of course, all this sounds great, BUT...

If you're like most people, you've probably tried to lose fat before and failed!

Maybe you weren't able to lose more than a few pounds... Maybe you lost a bunch of weight and gained it right back again...

Or maybe you're just so confused by all the crazy fat loss information out there that you don't even know where to begin.

Well I'm here to tell you, it's not your fault!

The TRUTH is...

You've been lied to!

You see, all around us there is misleading information about diets, pills, powders, machines, crazy workouts... the list goes on.

Money-hungry marketers are feeding off your desire to lose weight... And they'll sell you anything to get you to part with your money.

The weight loss supplement industry is a multi-BILLION dollar industry and it's not slowing down. The only problem is, people are getting fatter... and so are the supplement companies' wallets.

And I'm tired of it!

I'm here to "blow the whistle" on all the hype and empty promises the media and infomercials have been feeding you... And give you a REAL step-by-step plan for burning all the fat you want... And KEEPING IT OFF - without wasting your money on bogus pills or silly gadgets.

"I've tried a diet and exercise program before
...and FAILED miserably!"

Here's the BIG problem with most diet and exercise programs:

...They are designed without taking YOUR body type into consideration!

You see, everyone has a different body type... In fact, there are 3 distinct body types and everyone falls into one of these categories:

Body Type #1: These people are born skinny and they can eat all they want without gaining a pound. (They often don't have much muscle mass on them either.) These people usually carry fat mostly in their stomach and are often referred to as "skinny fat."

Body Type #2: Have great muscle tone, broad shoulders, and a narrow waist. These are the "genetically gifted" few who you never see work out, yet they seem to have a great body anyway. The only way these people gain fat is if they eat the wrong foods or consume too many calories.

Body Type #3: Then there is another category of people who were born chubby... And have carried around extra body fat their entire life. They are usually "pear shaped" and tend to store fat easily. Any muscle tone that they have us usually covered by a layer of fat.

Which of these categories do YOU fall into?

Realize that most weight loss programs don't take your body type into consideration! No wonder you've failed in the past! You were doomed from the start!

A diet and workout program MUST be centered around your specific body type in order for it to be successful! So if you were following a generic workout or diet plan in the past, it's not your fault... The program failed you!

"So what do I REALLY need to do to burn
this fat off... and get that flat stomach,
and firm waistline?"

(WARNING: What you're about to hear is the total opposite of what you've been told about burning fat...)

The answer is simple...

Look at what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite!

Why? Because they've got it wrong.

Listen, 90% of Americans are NOT happy with their body... Because they are all using ineffective fat burning techniques that do nothing but waste time and money!

You see, an average person's "fat loss plan" includes long, slow, boring cardio... Like jogging or using a cardio machines... Which is actually the worst way to lose fat!

What?! I know that probably goes against everything you've heard, but that fact is...

Not only does long, slow cardio fail to deliver the results (as you may have discovered for yourself) but it can also lead to muscle loss and possible joint pain or injury!

If you want to burn the most fat in the shortest time possible, you need to hang on to your muscle mass! Your muscles require high amounts of metabolic energy to maintain... which means the more muscle you have the more fat you burn!

This is why losing muscle will actually decrease your body's fat burning ability.

...And that's just one of the many reasons that long marathon cardio sessions DON'T WORK!

This should actually come as GOOD NEWS to you... Because when it comes to losing body fat and getting that flat, firm stomach...

It's actually easier than you think!

In fact, you can burn all the fat you want with:

NO expensive gym memberships
NO giant cardio machines that take up space
NO home gym equipment like dumbbells
NO crazy marathon training sessions

I'm going to show you a tested and proven way to strip away unwanted body fat quicker than ever using "short-burst workouts" that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment needed.

When you compare these super-effective short-burst fat-burning workouts next to traditional long, slow cardio sessions, the long slow cardio sessions don't stand a chance.

Let me explain why this short-burst method works so well:

(1) These are full-body workouts that work your entire body. This engages more muscle fibers and burns more calories than long cardio sessions... Which means more fat loss.

(2) It boosts your body's natural fat-burning hormones like Growth Hormone... while minimizing the fat-storing hormones like cortisol (which long cardio sessions actually promote!)

(3) Creates an "Afterburn Effect" that cranks your body's fat-burning ability into overdrive... So after these short-burst workouts your body will be burning fat at an increased rate all day long... even while you're sitting on the couch!

Instead of using the typical long, boring cardio methods most people use (and fail with) I'm going to show you my proven short-burst bodyweight exercises that will strip away even the most stubborn body fat from your belly, hips, thighs, back, arms, and everywhere in between.

...And I'll show you how to do it in...

Just 30 minutes a day, in the privacy
of your own home!

Yep, that's really all it will take to get a flat belly. It's all about working smarter, NOT harder.

And, look... I know going to a gym can be embarrassing when you're working out right next to that slim girl who looks like she could be a fitness model. It's like everybody's judging you as soon as you walk in there!

(Not to mention the extra monthly gym membership fees and the hassle of driving there an back just for a workout.)

That's time and money you could be saving by doing more effective fat-burning workouts in the comfort of your own home... In just 30 minutes a day!

I'll show you how to FINALLY burn fat and keep it off forever by using a simple step-by-step method that melts away ugly body fat like a blowtorch on a wax candle... Giving you an unfair advantage while everyone else struggles to lose fat using all the wrong methods.


The "TNT" Tried And True
Fat Loss System

The Easy Step-By-Step System For Losing Body Fat And
Keeping It Off Forever ...GUARANTEED!

Drop pounds of body fat like a bad habit... WITHOUT going to an expensive or embarrassing gym. Work out in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Look and feel healthier than ever before and get a flat, firm stomach in just 30 minutes a day. No equipment or bulky cardio machines needed!

Eliminate rolls of flab forever, unleash more energy, and boost your confidence... without bogus supplements or fad diets.

Here's what's inside the complete TNT fat loss system...

TNT Tried And True Fat Loss Manual

This is where all the "meat and potatoes" of the course is contained... It will give you the step-by-step plan that you can easily follow to burn unwanted fat starting tonight!

Inside you'll discover...

How to get a flat, firm stomach in just 30 minutes a day. (WITHOUT going to an expensive, embarrassing gym.)
Why most people FAIL to lose fat using traditional weight loss techniques (And how to side-step the foolish mistakes 90% of people make when they try to lose fat.)
The little-known fat loss foods that will turn your body into a metabolic fat-burning machine! (Keep this food in your kitchen and automatically DOUBLE your fat-burning ability.)
How SEX can actually help you lose fat quicker! (Hint: 30 minutes of good sex burns about 85 calories.)
No-brainer formula that tells you exactly how much to eat - to burn the most fat in the shortest time possible. This simple formula will save you months, or even years of frustration trying to find the "perfect diet" for your body type.
The "secret ingredient" you should include in each meal that automatically ignites a fat-burning whirlwind inside your body. (The best part is... It's FREE!)
Why a "low carb diet" will actually KILL your body's fat-burning ability. Which means YES... You can eat carbs and still lose fat quickly!
One simple change in your eating habits that creates a thermic fat-burning effect inside your body... Allowing you to burn 200% more calories every day! (And it has nothing to do with what foods you eat.)
The one thing you ABSOLUTELY must do if you want to keep the weight off after you've lost it. (This secret alone is the "missing link" that most people will never know.)
My proven short-burst workouts that FORCE your body to burn fat all day long... Even while you're just sitting on the couch!
Why understanding ____________ is the single most valuable skill you can posses if you want to increase your fat-burning ability. (And YES, you'll learn how to easily perfect this skill.)
Done-for-you diet plans... that you can actually eat! (This isn't some cardboard-tasting menu... This is a delicious meal plan for YOUR body type that will melt the fat away quick... WITHOUT starving yourself.)
Why long, steady cardio sessions fail you every time. And how it could actually be damaging your body's fat-burning ability!
The single most important rule of all when eating to lose fat. (Ignore this and you can FORGET about getting that flat belly.)
And much, MUCH MORE...

TNT Metabolic Fat-Burning Workouts

Here's where the rubber meets the road... These highly addictive, ultra effective fat-burning workouts will burn more fat in less time than you can imagine.

These workouts include full descriptions with color photos of each exercise so you're never left wondering what to do. Every little detail is covered and nothing is left out in this jam-packed workout program, so there's no guesswork.

You can easily do these exercises in the comfort of your own home with no extra equipment and no cardio machines!

In just 30 minutes a day you can burn all the fat you need to look like a completely different person... It doesn't matter how much fat you need to lose!

I've included the most cutting-edge workouts that I personally use to train my $80/hour clients and help them burn off slabs of ugly body fat FAST!

You'll get 3 stages of fat-crushing workouts...

Stage 1 gets you on the road to your brand new body by rapidly blasting off the big chunks of fat so you can start seeing results quickly!

Stage 2 automatically enhances your body's fat-burning ability by cranking up your metabolic burn into overdrive! Here, you'll continue to shed pounds of body fat even faster than stage 1. (This is where you should start thinking about buying some new clothes...)

Stage 3 is the final stage of your fat-burning journey and by now you're already looking like a different person and people are making comments on your new body. But now it's time to dial in on ultra-low body fat numbers until you've got that perfectly flat, stomach you've been after. Here's where you forget the "old you" completely and start really turning heads!

Delicious TNT Fat Loss Meal Plans

These fat-burning meal plans were specifically designed for YOUR body type... so they are flat-out GUARANTEED to work for you!

That means quick and effective fat loss when paired with the workout plans you're getting.

And trust me, this isn't a diet plan you're going to dread. You'll be eating delicious healthy food that will fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

I'm talking chicken, cereal, pancakes, eggs, fruit, bagels, sushi, sandwiches, pasta, shrimp, pork, steak, rice, and other REAL food that you can enjoy!

Imagine... You'll drop pounds of body fat every week without having to starve yourself! Isn't life great now that you know the truth?!

Once you have access to these meal plans you'll no longer have an excuse for not melting away the embarrassing belly fat that's been tearing you apart inside!

I've left no stone unturned and given you EVERYTHING you need to start losing weight in the next couple of days.

This truly is the ONLY program you'll ever need to trim the unwanted fat from your body and keep it off!

But there's just one question you're probably asking...

"This Is A LOT Of Valuable Information...
So How Much Is This Going To Cost?"

For starters, we've already talked about the unbelievable amount of misinformation out there... Supplement companies want you to buy bogus pills and powders...

Fitness magazines want you to fall for their silly workouts...

Infomercials want you to buy into their crazy ab machine gizmo that "magically sculpts your abs." Gimme a break!

Fact is, MOST of the advice you've got available to you is complete junk!

Fortunately for you, I have these advanced, PROVEN fat loss strategies and I'm willing to share them with you right now...

So your question really shouldn't be "What's it gonna cost?"

Instead, it should be, "What's it worth to me?"

Well, if you take action and follow my advice, you will rapidly lose your unwanted body fat. Period.

Your confidence will soar, energy will skyrocket, and you'll never have to worry about those "love handles" hanging over your belt again.

What is that really worth to you?

On a side note... If you were to hire me as a personal trainer, you'd pay $80 an hour! Now, some people have that kind of money to throw around, but other people don't.

Lets say you train with me just 3 hours a week. That's $960 a month!

But here's the deal...

"I Sincerely Want Everyone To Have
Access To This Missing Link..."

And at the $960/month price tag, that would only allow an elite few to get access to the fat-burning training they need. Not to mention, I can only be in one place at one time. So that would exclude the majority of the population from getting access to this information.

That's why I decided to compile everything into this online format... So I could substantially lower the price and allow everyone to have a chance to get this valuable information in their hands.

So here's what I ultimately decided...

To keep this system within the reach of everyone who's sick of hiding behind frumpy clothes... who's finally ready to make the decision to take control of their body and blast off stubborn fat for good...

I'm going to keep the price at $960 just $77.99.

If $77.99 still seems too high, then I'm sorry but you've disqualified yourself.

Either you just don't believe me when I say these strategies work, or you're really not that serious about changing your body and losing weight.

But I'm not even done! I'm going to sweeten the deal for you even more by throwing in my "Fat Burning Arsenal" Grocery Guide...

"Fat Burning Arsenal" Grocery Guide
($27.95 value)

This is usually reserved for my private coaching clients who pay me hundreds of dollars per week to help them strip pounds fat off their body...

In this guide you'll find a HUGE list of the BEST foods for losing fat as quickly as possible. Think of it as your "Fat burning arsenal..." or your "secret weapon..."

Inside you'll also find a list of the WORST foods for fat loss. Do YOU have any of these foods in your fridge? (CAREFUL... it's not what you may think.)

Most people are flat-out confused when it comes to the best foods for losing body fat. And even people who THINK they know what they're doing have it DEAD WRONG.

This Grocery Guide will "drop the gavel" on all the myths and legends surrounding your diet.

You'll never be confused in the grocery store when you're trying to find the best foods to help you get that flat, stomach.

Just flip open this easy reference guide and you'll know EXACTLY what to throw in your cart next time you're at the grocery store... with no guesswork.

I truly can't make it any easier for you to get in the best shape of your life, boost your energy and confidence, and finally feel proud of your new, healthy reflection in the mirror.

All you need to do is take the next step...

Get The "TNT" Fat Loss System For $960
ONLY $77.99!

YES Terry! I'm ready to discover the simple and proven strategies I can use right now to burn off ugly body fat for life... And finally get that flat, firm stomach I've been dreaming of.

I understand I'm getting INSTANT ACCESS to the TNT Fat Loss System in downloadable format so I can hit the ground running and start putting these strategies to work for me immediately!


Add To Cart In One Payment Of Just $77.99
These people were in YOUR position not long ago... Looking for a way to lose stubborn body fat... Feel more energetic... Get a flat, firm stomach...

They simply put this program to work for them....


They were not super-human. They didn't possess any special powers. They simply used the simple techniques within this course, followed the simple step-by-step instructions, and got results.

Now it's your turn.

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To your quick and permanent fat loss,

Terry Asher - Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist

P.S. Lets be honest, you COULD sit around and do nothing... ignoring this letter completely and going back to your normal routine. But where will you be in 2 months from now?

You'll look exactly the same as you do now! And I'm not convinced that you won't GAIN MORE weight!

Or... You could act now and change your life forever and never look back! Today can be the turning point in your life where you decide that you are going to transform your body like so many other people have... And get a super-firm, tight waistline.

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